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Local IDEA...undertakes Residential & Commercial property energy rating EPC surveys and also SAP & SBEM calculations for domestic and commercial new building projects.  

Local IDEA
...also undertakes Legionella Risk Assessments of hot and cold water systems in rented residential properties & also commercial property.

Local IDEA...also undertakes building Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Cansultancy, building management surveys, pre refurbishment & pre demolition surveys and also asbestos management plans for clients. 

Local IDEA...also undertakes Fire Risk Assessments of commercial premises and the communal areas of buildings containing residential flats.



Local IDEA provides specialist survey services for both residential and commercial property. The business is operated by Gary Cliffe, a specialist building assessor who is fully insured and certified by leading Government and industry approved professional bodies.

The business provides a comprehensive service for -

Domestic and Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC `s).

Display Energy Certificates for public and institutional buildings (DEC`s).

Legionella Risk Assessments of both domestic and commercial hot and cold water systems.

Fire Risk Assessments of both commercial buildings and the common areas of apartment buildings.

Asbestos Management Surveys of occupied buildings and Pre-Refurbishment/Pre-Demolition Surveys. Also
Asbestos Management Plans and consultancy for occupied buildings.

As an independent certified Building Energy Assessor, Legionella and Fire Risk Assessor and Asbestos consultant, I provide an impartial and professional service for clients in the East and North Yorkshire areas.


Please visit the website page tabs at the top or foot of each page, for further information about the services available from Local IDEA.   


Local IDEA - 01262 670553 or 07818 060350 - A good IDEA for your property assessment








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